Dong Mingzhu: and Lei Jun bet has won 10 billion

Chen Ling

In December 2018 06, 08:23 source: new express
Original title: Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun bet has won 1 billion

At 2018 China business leaders at the day before during the annual meeting, chairman and President of GREE Dong Mingzhu said in an interview with the founder of millet, chairman and CEO Lei Jun "1 billion bet" has won. Dong Mingzhu said, 2018 GREE revenue will reach 200 billion yuan. In contrast, millet, millet before the three quarter revenue of 130 billion 500 million yuan, if you want to win Lei Jun bet, 2018 fourth quarter revenue must be more than 70 billion yuan is possible, while millet before the three quarter average revenue is only 43 billion 300 million yuan, want to counter attack difficult.

In 2013, the fourteenth session of the CCTV China economic person of the year awards site, the traditional real economy on behalf of the enterprise GREE head Dong Mingzhu and Internet model representative of millet technology head at the same time on the podium. On the podium, Dong Mingzhu and Lei "after five years of millet turnover can go beyond the GREE open Internet concern about gambling, the original 1 yuan to 1 billion yuan additional payment by Dong Mingzhu.

If Dong Mingzhu wins the bet, Lei Jun will really pay 1 billion yuan or two people? "Again"? Dong Mingzhu admitted that this is just a joke, whether to pay 1 billion yuan for the money, not the money is not really important, I think, is to let people more of a passion." Dong Mingzhu also explained, and Lei Jun bet itself meaningless, they are not comparable, because GREE is the real economy, while millet is a Internet Co, belongs to asset light.

For this bet, industry analysts said, gambling is not important, two kinds of model of the dispute is the most critical. Millet rely on their own platform to do the integration of resources, and GREE is the whole industry chain model. So, if you just take the revenue data comparison is not appropriate.

From the trend, GREE's revenue will be millet beyond, although GREE revenue in high growth. But millet home sales products such as smart watches, cover and contain everything, TV, water purifier, the balance of the car, the future will have more products to join millet ecological chain products to. If from this point of view, GREE in the future revenue difficult odds.

However, Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun bet is not the real battlefield. Recently, she shouted "GREE 2023 years to achieve operating income of 600 billion yuan" of the target in the GREE pearl industry college was founded. In order to achieve this goal, Dong Mingzhu in household appliances, automobiles, and even 3C digital chips and other fields, are not release their own ambitions.

Interestingly, in the past five years, the two companies also compete for each other. First Dong Mingzhu announced that GREE mobile phone has been made out, then millet and Beauty Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, launched air conditioning. However, whether it is GREE mobile phone millet or air conditioning, the market was on hiatus, the two are for new energy vehicles showed a keen interest in.

(commissioning editor: Bi Lei, Yang Yu Poirot)